About Us:

Åpne.Oss is mixture of different competences, dreams, life experiences.  It was created from the desire of integration.  It encompasses many fields of knowledge in one company and initially two dreamers: Thais and Helena.  



Thais is a scientist, a researcher,  by nature, heart and formation.   She started her career studying to become a teacher, followed by a bachelor in pure mathematics, which opened her mind to fantasy.  She got her PhD degree in astrophysics in 2002 and worked a few years as astrophysicist, becoming professor in astrophysics at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro State University).   As a researcher in astrophysics, Thais published more than 35 papers in referred scientific journals .  She worked with education, research,  science outreach, and was coordinator for the first international astronomy and astrophysics in Brazil in 2012 (IOAA2012).  In this same year she moved to Norway and turned her focus to complementary health,  becoming a Heilpraktiker, incorporating different approaches and techniques for supporting life and helping others to find ways of balancing their bodies, mind and soul and having a healthy and fulfilling life.   As a heilpraktiker she bases her therapies on the three pillars of the homotoxicology:  "detoxification - improvement of cell and organ function - avoidance of further intake of toxins.   Thais also offers Craniosacral Therapy trained by the Upledger Institute.  Thais is engaged in unorthodox learning methods and together with her daughter and partner Helena develops cards for supporting children's reading abilities.  She also teaches mathematics at the "Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet / NTNU".


Helena is a young mind, free thinker and amazing partner at Åpne.Oss.  She studied in a Montessori school for many years, and travelled across the world, getting experience and creativity for developing thematic cards in different languages to support the reading ability of young children.  The cards will soon be available through this website.   

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