Auriculotherapy is a form of treatment discovered and developed by the french doctor Paul Nogier (1908-1996).    He identified seven frequencies natural to our bodies.  His research shows that the application of these frequencies helps to bring organs and tissues back to their healthy resonant frequency.  

In addition to the frequencies, Paul Nogier described a connection between different areas of the body and areas or points in outer ear, mapping  the entire body on the outer ear. This map represents acupuncture points—the points connected to the Chinese system of meridians—that reach organs and tissues throughout the body.   

Auriculotherapy is performed with the use of needles  that can be temporary or semi-permanent, and/or frequencies /electricity  to stimulate organs and tissues.  The system for reading the pulse known as the Vascular Autonomic Signs (VAS) is also used for diagnostic.  

In addition, Paul Nogier studied the field of posturology showing that the origin of some diseases are linked to vertebral disturbances.  Those affect or can be affected by muscles acting on the eyes, foot, jaw, and tragus.  Auriculotherapy is then used for stimulating those points that interfere with the regulation of the postural system facilitating the postural correction.  


Some Indications:

  • Tobacco addiction

  • Pain management: sciatica, shoulder pain, trigeminal neuralgias, lower and upper back pains.

  • Functional diseases: motoric diarrhoeas, constipation, migraine.

  • Affective and behavioural disorders: neurosis, reactional depressions.

  • Support therapy: stimulation of  organs such as liver, kidneys, intestines and others for helping with detoxification and/or strengthening.


You can read more here about the work of Paul Nogier.  

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