Astronomy and Mathematics in Practice

As an astrophysician with many years of practice in research, teaching and outreach I offer private or group classes/work where you as a teacher or your students can learn about astronomy in theory and practice.  You can either choose the topic I will speak about or I can help you finding the most adequate for your needs.  Astronomy is a wonderful and comprehensive science that encompasses mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, archeology, technology, among others.   I can offer ideas on how to motivate your students to learn different topics through "hands on" activities.
I have thorough experience in teaching mathematics to different groups of people, from different backgrounds, ages and levels.  I can offer seminars on "mathematics in practice" tailored to your needs.   This offer is specially directed to teachers who would like to boost their own teaching tools.  

I can organize a "Star Party", where your group can come to see the sky, the moon and the brightest planets, and have an explanation about the main visible constelations.  This requires good weather, without clouds.
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